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5000 Game Supercade


Why buy one arcade game cabinet with only one game in it for thousands of dollars. When you can play all of your favorite arcade games in one incredibly built cabinet designed just for you. Atlantic Arcade Sales Custom built 2020 Supercade cabinets come in many different graphic styles and sizes with several options and play over 5000 games. I strive to give you the arcade feel. From cabinet, game play, and to sound. This system plays 2700 of the best arcade games available and 2300 great console games from Nintendo, Super Nintendo, PlayStation, Sega, Sega Genesis, Sega Mega Drive, Atari 2600 and 7800, ColecoVision and more. Click below or Click on 5000 game Supercade in the top menu for more information.

 Upright and Pedestal Supecade cabinets come in 2 or 4 player setups. Click below to see the Supercade game cabinets that I built. Feel free to reach out to me for any questions regarding arcade game sales or repairs 843-450-0171. Click below or go to the Supercade page or click on the menu at the top of the page to see information and pricing on my 2020 Supercade Cabinets.


2020 Cocktail Tables

Atlantic Arcade Sales 2020 Cocktail Tables come either with 60 vertical games. 110, or 400  vertical and horizontal games.( these are not the cheap playing game elf 412 boards) Mine will not only play all your Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Galaga favorites these will also play Super Mario, Excitebike, Moon Patrol, Nintendo Golf, Elevator Action, Zoo Keeper and more. These are simply the best Cocktail Tables you will find. Made with the very best craftsmanship in the design of the original Midway games. These are 7/8 inch thick with a melamine surface. They all come with 19 inch game pro wide angle monitor, custom digital vinyl graphics, 1/4 inch thick real glass, real coin doors, 200 watt power brick. All 2020 Cocktail Tables also come with 2 Cool adjustable cocktail table stools. Click below to see the Incredible 2020 Cocktail Tables

My 2020 Upright Cabinets come with 60 vertical games or 110 Vertical and Horizontal Games. or 700

2020 Upright Multigame Arcade Cabinets

Atlantic Arcade Sales 2020 Upright cabinets come with either 60 Vertical games, 110 Vertical and horizontal games, or 700 Vertical games. These cabinets come in several classic original graphic designs as well as made to order custom graphic designs. Cabinets are made of 3/4 inch thick with a melamine surface. They all come with 19 inch game pro monitor, real coin door and mechs, digital vinyl graphics, 200 watt power bricks, acrylic header, led header light and more. This cabinet also comes with the choice of 2 1/4 or 3 inch trackball. I also build a 2 joystick- trackball upright to play 2 players. Click below to see more information on my 2020 uprights. 


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Supercade XL 5000 games-27" Monitor, 3 inch trackball Demo

Below is a video of my 2020 Flying Mario Supercade Xl with over 5000 Games. 27" Monitor, 3 Inch, 3/4 thick cabinet, digital vinyl graphics , 200 watt power brick. Just playing around demoing several games using the trackball. To Get Your Game On Today Call Me 843-450-0171 !! Try not to laugh!

2020 Ultimate VH Cocktail table (lightning Edition) Demo

Walk through video of my 2020 Ultimate VH Cocktail Table ( Lightning Edition). Playing several games and showing how easy this system is to use. to Get Your Game On Call Me Today 843-450-0171

2020 Supercade xl instructional video

This is an instructional video to show you just how easy it is to play the Supercade to get your game on call -843-450-0171

How 19 inch vertical Games Look on the Supecade 27 Inch Well

This is a video to show you how the original 19 inch arcade games look on the Supercade XL with 27 inch monitor. Games like Pac-man ect.